Roam Strong in 2017: 4 Rules for Resolutions

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post for you guys, and I apologize. I’ve been gone for a while, preparing for a new job and enjoying the last year of my sabbatical. The blog has been just a little neglected. That ends tonight. As part of my own resolution, I’ll be posting at least once a month (maybe more) as I think of things and as time permits. (Aaron’s...

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Voodoo Supplements: How Supplement Companies Trick You… And Why I Still Buy Useless Pills

I have an embarrassing secret. When I’m awfully tired, I take a little pill called “Rhodoila Rosea”. It’s a supplement called an “adaptogen” – meaning it’s supposed to boost mental acuity and recovery by increasing the body’s ability to handle stress. The Chinese ( and a few other cultures) have hyped this herb up to mythical levels…...

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How Do Muscles Grow? Toned Versus Bulky, and High Reps vs. Low Reps

There are myths circulating about how to look “toned”, which is the most common body type most people strive for. They see the functional, sleek build of a good swimmer or fighter and wish they were there. They try to avoid the “bulky” look of professional powerlifters and bodybuilders, and thus, get scared of lifting heavy. On the other side of the coin, you have guys who want to get...

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iron man mini figure

Trouble with Focus or Motivation? Use the “Origin Story Technique”

Everyone screws up sometimes. Like me. I was supposed to write 2 times a week for this site before I realized that’s a LOT of writing. That’s especially true because I wanted to expound upon important stuff in fitness, rather than pollute the Internet with more crap.. Heck, even I succumb to the rigors of life and postpone a workout — though I admit I feel miserable when I...

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Two Guys Boxing

Force, Work, Power, and Strength – What is the Difference?

Did you know that strength, force, and power aren’t the same thing? Most people don’t. Of course, they absolutely should know because the difference decides how you train! There’s a difference in adaptation between punching, hauling a stone, or trying to get muscularly larger. And unless you want to be one of those people who puts in a lot of effort, just to see no progress and...

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Abusing a Sales Tactic for Motivation

WARNING: Today’s Mindset Monday post is short, but valuable. Most of the time, we attribute salesmanship to conning and mistrust. It’s not hard to see why. The world is full of assholes behind on their quotas, psychologically messing with you and abusing your brain’s faults. A few examples: making you feel stupid not to buy something using a classic logical fallacy that we...

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Doggie in Water

Why Your Motivation Is Sabotaging You

When it comes to training, there are really just 2 rules you need to follow: Is your behavior consistent with your goal(s)? Is your behavior consistent? If you do both, you succeed. So if your goal is to get stronger, and you are doing exercises that progressively challenge your body with higher levels of resistance, then you will get stronger. If you do this with consistency, you will get...

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Asiatic Chess

GainTrain’s Name Change and Updates

For those who read this blog, you may have noticed my absence. I’ve been re-prioritizing where I should focus on time and effort in life. The process has been a bit unnerving, deciding whether to pursue more contracting work, planning some product launches for my startup, or fall back into a full-time job position. Unflinching freedom is paralyzing, as I say. As part of this work-life...

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iPad with Google Music

What the Internet Can’t Tell You About Working Out

I used to have a supscription to Flex Magazine when I was younger. Y’know, the one with all the posing bodybuilders, adorably drugged to the brim with illegal (well, mostly illegal) substances that help them recover muscle bigger and badder than ever. Some of the information in the magazines was super useful. Workout programs, lots of broscience, a billion ads for supplements that I swear...

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