Two Guys Boxing

Force, Work, Power, and Strength – What is the Difference?

Did you know that strength, force, and power aren’t the same thing? Most people don’t. Of course, they absolutely should know because the difference decides how you train! There’s a difference in adaptation between punching, hauling a stone, or trying to get muscularly larger. And unless you want to be one of those people who puts in a lot of effort, just to see no progress and...

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Asiatic Chess

GainTrain’s Name Change and Updates

For those who read this blog, you may have noticed my absence. I’ve been re-prioritizing where I should focus on time and effort in life. The process has been a bit unnerving, deciding whether to pursue more contracting work, planning some product launches for my startup, or fall back into a full-time job position. Unflinching freedom is paralyzing, as I say. As part of this work-life...

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T25 Screenshots

8 Biggest Mistakes of New Metabolic Training

Have you heard of P90x? Maybe Insanity? I have. I have at least 5 friends who have tried burning fat and “getting ripped” on these programs. These DVD workout programs are as old as time, but the principles are a little newer. Instead of a medium cadence, Simmons-esque calistehnics routine, we have profuse sweating, blood pumping, high octane thrill workouts. The goal behind these...

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Example of workout notation

How to Write and Read Workout Programs – Intro to Notation

If you’re new to workouts, especially with strength training, you’ve probably seen many programs that uses different exercises for different purposes, all catering to their own personal philosophies. Sometimes, they can be downright confusing on what they ask of you! Perhaps the second greatest workout skill you can learn is reading program notation. Before you can practice a new...

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Sleeping Dog

How to Thrive When Fitness Is Not Your Gift

I have a best friend named Braden. Braden is a laid back kind of guy. Things seem to fall into place when he allows them to. I like him for that. We have a mutual friend in Dan, a talented and kind engineer who happened to have an emerging acne problem. He solicited my advice, knowing I’ve dealt with acne struggles before, and continuing well into my 20’s. I offered my advice. Then...

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Woman running a marathon

Jogging – Sometimes More Harm Than Good

Most new trainees I meet tend to fall into 2 categories: They have no notion of “working out” – running, weights, or calisthenic strength training They jog a lot, but nothing else. With both camps, fat loss and toning stagnates.  Despite efforts — or lack of efforts — both could not shake off excess fat, nor did they feel much healthier. So what’s the issue...

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Debunking the “Toning” Myth

When it comes to how a body looks, everyone has their own ideal in mind. Some may feel content to fit into clothes. Other want to feel unashamed of their body when in public. Maybe it’s seeing a six pack in the mirror, or having your arms and legs have a little bit of “pop”. While goals are often different, the idea of feeling like you’re “toned” and tight is...

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