Voodoo Supplements: How Supplement Companies Trick You… And Why I Still Buy Useless Pills

I have an embarrassing secret. When I’m awfully tired, I take a little pill called “Rhodoila Rosea”. It’s a supplement called an “adaptogen” – meaning it’s supposed to boost mental acuity and recovery by increasing the body’s ability to handle stress. The Chinese ( and a few other cultures) have hyped this herb up to mythical levels…...

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8 Biggest Mistakes of New Metabolic Training

Have you heard of P90x? Maybe Insanity? I have. I have at least 5 friends who have tried burning fat and “getting ripped” on these programs. These DVD workout programs are as old as time, but the principles are a little newer. Instead of a medium cadence, Simmons-esque calistehnics routine, we have profuse sweating, blood pumping, high octane thrill workouts. The goal behind these...

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Woman running a marathon

Jogging – Sometimes More Harm Than Good

Most new trainees I meet tend to fall into 2 categories: They have no notion of “working out” – running, weights, or calisthenic strength training They jog a lot, but nothing else. With both camps, fat loss and toning stagnates.  Despite efforts — or lack of efforts — both could not shake off excess fat, nor did they feel much healthier. So what’s the issue...

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Debunking the “Toning” Myth

When it comes to how a body looks, everyone has their own ideal in mind. Some may feel content to fit into clothes. Other want to feel unashamed of their body when in public. Maybe it’s seeing a six pack in the mirror, or having your arms and legs have a little bit of “pop”. While goals are often different, the idea of feeling like you’re “toned” and tight is...

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Bowl of Peanuts

Which Nut is The Healthiest? Omega-3 Ratios in Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds have made their way into the public limelight as healthy snacks. As the adage goes, one handful a day is good for cardiovascular health and reduces risk of heart disease and stroke. The truth – some nuts are fantastic for your health, some are not. Their high omega-6 content, high calorie density and susceptibility to being overeaten can contribute to obesity and poor...

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