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I do training + nutrition consults for 2 goals:

  1. Burning fat, while slowly adding muscle (toning)
  2. Building muscle, while staying lean

I customize my programs based on your dietary constraints, your gym access, and your priority goal (burning fat, versus building muscle/strength).

I will do all the work for you, giving you a blueprint to train, eat, and recover. You’ll have me as an accountability partner, meaning you will feel motivated and disciplined to succeed.

Your lifelong fitness journey should be effective, safe, and measureable. Gone are the days of hating your workouts, giving up your programs out of frustration, or not feeling like “one of those people” who loves working out and being fit. My ultimate goal is to change your lifestyle for the better.

You will automatically make decisions towards a happy, healthy, durable body, and you will know the steps to get there.

You will feel revitalized every day- like a whole new person. You won’t fear sports, hiking, or physical activity. You won’t feel self-conscious because you have the body you’ve dreamed for. Whether you want to lose a lot of fat, build some functional muscle, or simply become a much healthier version of yourself, I can tailor your program based around my training system.

And that confidence when you see your dream body in the mirror? Beyond description.

When I’m done with you, you’ll want to workout.


For motivated, results-driven trainees that are willing to accept responsibility for their bodies. You have a track record of success somewhere in your life, and you’re willing to change to reach your goals. You might not have the habits or knowledge yet. But by the end of this program, you will.

This is my lifestyle change program, where you will uncompromisingly follow my every word and get in the best shape of your life. In the process, you will learn the truths about training that works, the nutritional facts that actually matter, and the habits to keep your lean body for life.

About My System: WHat To Expect

Give me a goal image or body type, and I’ll tell you if I can get you there, and what you’ll need to do.

Here’s what to expect:

  • 3 workouts a week (45 minutes or less each workout). That’s under 2.5 hours of training every week. Guaranteed better long-term results than any dangerous, unfocused DVD programs (I’m looking at you, P90x and Insanity), better habits (no relapsing like The Biggest Loser contestants), and with the science to back up every piece of the program I create for you.
  • Flexible dieting options. Whether you have no diet, or you’re a strict follower of Paleo, I will find a way to make your diet work with the nutrients you need. One caveat: no vegans (vegetarians are OK, if natural protein powders, fish, or eggs are allowed)
  • Accountability. You’ve got me in your corner. Weekly check-ins via email keep you motivated and focused on your priority goal. If we need to make tweaks, I will make them for you.

I’ll be there every step of the way to keep you disciplined and moving in the right direction.

QUESTION: “Are you a good fit for my goals?”

Let’s find out! Here are my focuses when I train:

  • Gym flexibility: do you have a gym membership? Live out of hotel gyms? Or do you want a bodyweight-only, liberating workout? Learn what’s in my exercise toolbox of low-risk, high-reward exercise techniques that can keep you in shape anywhere.
  • Flexible dieting: In an ideal world, you’d have a few meals you could produce in bulk to keep your diet consistent. But even if you’re a traveling consultant always on the road, I can teach you the diet tricks and travel hacks that keep you on target.
  • Breaking bad habits – I used to have an overeating problem, body issues, social anxiety… With brain science, I have replaced those habits! I will teach you how to understand and overwrite your food cravings, learn to love your workouts, cultivate a “can-do” behavior, and teach you to love the food that will aid your progress.
  • Building programs for average people – No 6 day, 2 hour workouts for people who have all day to work out. I build a plan that you can follow. My system is all about small victories that add up to legendary results.
  • Safety – I’ve had my history of personal injury, so my program avoids high-risk, low-reward exercises. I begin with low-risk, high reward exercises depending on skill level.
  • Time Effective – I am a minimalist when it comes to fitness. You only need a few fundamental exercises,
  • Goal Setting – I won’t give you a random list of exercises or jump on every new trend. Instead, I teach you core concepts that quantify results. So instead of left tired and wondering if you’re performing well, you know automatically based on where you are on the progression chart.
  • Empowerment – I tell you why I choose my exercises. After a month, you will likely know more about getting and staying in shape than 99% of the population. After 3 months, you will know more than everyone you know.

QUESTION: “How much?”

While most in-person trainers are $100/session, I can be had for $350/month. Average clients are retained for 3 months, at which point they are empowered to progress on their own.

You will get:

  • 2 Skype video consultations (one in the beginning, and one at the end of the month for adjustments)
  • CUSTOMIZED workout program depending on equipment, travel, and goals
  • CUSTOMIZED nutrition consult depending on dietary restrictions, current health, current workout habit, and goals
    • What to eat and what not to eat, dependent on your desired food choices.
    • Audit on your diet – no judgement here! If you suffer from cravings or the like, I totally understand. I’ve been there. We’ll work to get your diet and behavior consistent with your goals. I promise: no celery sticks for life.
  • Priority email access, for questions and support for you and your goals.

If this sounds good, I’d love to see if we’re a good fit. Just let me know with the form below. Let’s build something great, together.

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