Bodyweight Training for Strength and Longevity

Become stronger, live longer, and hone a sound mind – wherever you roam.

Roam Strong is an exploration into living leaner, stronger, and longer. The goal: to build & keep a resilient body that looks as good as it moves.

We do this mostly with calisthenics: bodyweight strength training focused on mastering your body rather than weights. It’s the same type of training that the world’s elite warriors – spanning ancient Greek hoplites, Shaolin monks, and modern Special Forces – proudly trained with to habitually keep peak physical form and mental acuity.

To get you started on the right foot in fitness, I’ve provided the 2 keys to fitness success below for free: a bodyweight training program to get you stronger and leaner and a nutrition guide so you can recover between workouts and correctly build your body.

Key #1 – A Bodyweight Workout Plan

The Roam Strong System is a minimalist bodyweight routine for you to get leaner, stronger, and healthier anywhere – at home or while roaming the world. 3-4  exercises, 3 times a week, 45 minutes per workout.

Busy people fed up with not seeing results will find results here. Stick with this plan, and you’ll see progress.  I’m not here to change your attitude. I’m here to change behavior. The attitude change follows with results.

Guaranteed better results than your weekly Zumba classes.

Key #2 – A Nutrition Guide

There’s 2 levels of dieting. Level 1 is the easier transition into a fitness lifestyle. Level 2 is the “intermediate” diet for those taking it to the next level:

Level 1: Nomad Dieting – a practical, flexible way to eat food.

Level 2: Flexible Dieting – when you’ve mastered Nomad Dieting, accelerate your results with Flexible Dieting (coming soon)

Become Fit For A Reason

Train intelligently to prepare your body for an unpredictable world. Become your own hero.

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