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Why Your Motivation Is Sabotaging You

When it comes to training, there are really just 2 rules you need to follow: Is your behavior consistent with your goal(s)? Is your behavior consistent? If you do both, you succeed. So if your goal is to get stronger, and you are doing exercises that progressively challenge your body with higher levels of resistance, then you will get stronger. If you do this with consistency, you will get...

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Asiatic Chess

GainTrain’s Name Change and Updates

For those who read this blog, you may have noticed my absence. I’ve been re-prioritizing where I should focus on time and effort in life. The process has been a bit unnerving, deciding whether to pursue more contracting work, planning some product launches for my startup, or fall back into a full-time job position. Unflinching freedom is paralyzing, as I say. As part of this work-life...

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Sticky Honey on a Spoon

The Sticky Fitness Habit

One of my differing ideologies from much of the fitness field is my focus on mindset. I don’t mean 100% intensity, slamming weights, and yelling. Though that has a place in training sometimes. I mean getting a person to stick to a workout, ANY workout, without burning out, getting bored, or stagnating on progress. The answer is not underneath all the half-naked inspirational quotes...

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How to Thrive When Fitness Is Not Your Gift

I have a best friend named Braden. Braden is a laid back kind of guy. Things seem to fall into place when he allows them to. I like him for that. We have a mutual friend in Dan, a talented and kind engineer who happened to have an emerging acne problem. He solicited my advice, knowing I’ve dealt with acne struggles before, and continuing well into my 20’s. I offered my advice. Then...

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We All Start Somewhere

We all start somewhere. For me, it was in 6th grade. My gym class had me perform my very first push-up set. But that didn’t start a lifelong love of fitness. Instead, it was a mix of terror and anxiety. No joke! I exhausted myself push-upping. The next day, my arms felt all bulky, burnt out, and sluggish, and I thought to myself, “Did I break my body permanently?” As I like...

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