Old outdoor bench press

Your Fitness is Your Own Journey

Over my years learning about exercise, physiology, nutrition, and psychology, I’ve attended, read, listened, and participated in long discussions talking about the best ways to do things. Always, it’s a debate about the optimal way to lift a lot of heavy weight, the proper way to train to run a marathon, or the healthiest way to eat. We talk about squats going past parallel, doing...

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Bowl of Peanuts

Which Nut is The Healthiest? Omega-3 Ratios in Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds have made their way into the public limelight as healthy snacks. As the adage goes, one handful a day is good for cardiovascular health and reduces risk of heart disease and stroke. The truth – some nuts are fantastic for your health, some are not. Their high omega-6 content, high calorie density and susceptibility to being overeaten can contribute to obesity and poor...

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The Dear Diet - Delicious

The Nomad Diet – A Simple Approach to Eating

The Promise: Eating healthy is not always clear. There’s a simple way to identify the purposes of foods – as either a builder, energy provider, or enrichers. Eat less energy providers, lose fat by caloric deficit. Eat more builders, maintain (or build) muscle. Enter the pretentiously named Nomad Diet.

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