beginning of track race

We All Start Somewhere

We all start somewhere. For me, it was in 6th grade. My gym class had me perform my very first push-up set. But that didn’t start a lifelong love of fitness. Instead, it was a mix of terror and anxiety. No joke! I exhausted myself push-upping. The next day, my arms felt all bulky, burnt out, and sluggish, and I thought to myself, “Did I break my body permanently?” As I like...

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Old outdoor bench press

Your Fitness is Your Own Journey

Over my years learning about exercise, physiology, nutrition, and psychology, I’ve attended, read, listened, and participated in long discussions talking about the best ways to do things. Always, it’s a debate about the optimal way to lift a lot of heavy weight, the proper way to train to run a marathon, or the healthiest way to eat. We talk about squats going past parallel, doing...

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